Available at Duty Free Shop 

Harriot watches are now available at Shinsegae Duty Free stores, 

meaning you can get your hands on Harriot products 

on your way to and from your overseas trips.


Dobo Collection 

This is a limited-edition, commemorative model from Harriot inspired by the “Foot Bridge” 

on which the leaders of North and Soul Korea

 enjoyed a long walk during the North-South Korea Summit on April 27, 2018.

 ALL Stainless 316L Steel 

Sapphire Crystal Glass 

Genuine Leather 

Butter Fly Buckle Back

 Piano Coated Wood Case 

3ATM Water Resistant


Card Wallet

This is Harriot’s card wallet, the brand’s very first leather product outside of its wristwatch range. 

Previously, the company had been exploring for other ways to turn its beautiful leather into something other than watch straps. 

The answer to its queries was this card wallet.

Moving forward, Harriot plans to release high-quality leather goods and accessories 

that go extremely well with its wristwatches made in Korea using cutting-edge technology.

5 Card Pocket 

 Black Calf Genuine Leather


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  Launched in 2018, 

this new collection from Harriot can trace its origins back to Seongsan-ro 

(a road that connects Dongnimun Gate with the southern banks of Seongsan Daegyo Bridge). 

It was inspired by Seongsan Daegyo Bridge, 

which features a distinct aesthetic look that harmoniously blends straight lines 

 and oriental-style curves created by the semi-circular shapes found on the bridge’s outer frame.


  Harriot introduces you to its Gayang Collection inspired by the Gayang Daegyo Bridge, 

the longest steel box girder bridge in Korea (1,700m) 

that connects the northern and southern banks of Hangang River for the western districts of Seoul. 

Given its construction technique, 

the bridge posts supporting Gayang Daegyo Bridge are farther apart compared 

to most other bridges on Hangang River.

It gives off an extremely neat and simple image, 

which is why the bridge was the perfect motif for Harriot’s first watch series.




Harriot’s second collection, 

the Seohae Collection, was inspired by Seohae Daegyo Bridge 

that connects Chungcheong-do with Gyeonggi-do. 

Built with 100% Korean technology, Seohae Daegyo Bridge has been hailed 

for its contributions to the Korean civil engineering sector.

The cable-stayed section of Seohae Daegyo Bridge is the largest of its kind in Korea. 

As noted, the bridge helped advance civil engineering technology in Korea, 

 but more importantly for Harriot, it was designed to emulate 

the outlines of the Flagpole Support (Treasure No. 537) 

 in Eupnae-ri (Asan-si, Chungcheongnam-do). 

 This design gave the bridge a distinctly Korean-style of beauty 

which, in turn, inspired the design of Harriot’s second collection.



The final collection from Harriot breaks away from the brand’s usual classical style. 

Rather, it gives off a more casual and familiar impression. 

Specifically, the collection feels perfect for wearing 

at a vacation spot during the summer holidays. 

Harriot presents its Gwangan Collection inspired by the Gwangan Daegyo Bridge in Busan

- one of the best vacation destinations in Korea, 

and home to some beautiful, long-stretching beaches as well as, of course, Gwangan Daegyo Bridge.  


Harriot's Story 

Our Story

We asked ourselves, why do we spend such an incredible amount of money to buy a luxury wrist watch? Avoid the traditional watch industry distribution, big money isn’t necessary needed! Harriot is proud to presents classic well-made an affordable watch for our friends and families. All Harriot make and deliver directly to you. We offer you promising quality fashion watch for an affordable price

Made in Korea

Made in KOREA Create all your own products. The hand-made Harriot watches, which are made by experts with the know-how to make the watch for a long time, are once again beginning to change the paradigm of the fashion watch market.

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